About us


Our association is intended for people who wish to paint together with others and want to make use of professional guidance and a suitable workspace on a morning, afternoon or evening of their choice.

  • Drawing and painting groups are active for at least 11 half-days a week in our studio, with the exception of weekends and the holiday period.
  • These groups are accompanied by professionally trained artists, who are eager to contribute to the further development of your artistic achievements.
  • If you are a member of our association you can come and paint on Tuesday evenings at no extra cost. Make an appointment in advance with Mies Berende or Hans Tielrooij. Tuesday evenings are also available outside the holiday period. However, not during the holiday season of the Lievendaal.
  • The studio offers the space and facilities that allow you to realise your creative ideas.
  • In addition to social contact, working in a group offers the opportunity to inspire each other artistically.

Artistic Guidance

With the portrait group on Thursday morning as the only exception, each group has a professionally trained artist as a supervisor, as our subsidiary also requires.

This means that, according to your own needs, you are assured of support for the choice of your subject, the design of the work, the technique to be chosen, transition to another technique, use of color, etc. Whether you are a beginner or a little more experience is not important here: the supervisor will help you on your way, encourage you or look over your shoulder, depending on the stage of artistic development you are in.

In consultation with the teacher, each group can decide several times a year to invite a model to gain experience and skills in model or portrait drawing or painting. The supervisor occasionaly draws your attention to interesting exhibitions, encourages you to participate in our own annual/external exhibitions and can advise you in the choice of work to be submitted.

The assocation - a brief history

  • 1980 - Founding of the independent association "Met Potlood en Penseel" as a continuation of the drawing and painting lessons that the company Philips offered its employees as a leisure activity since 1964.
  • 1981 - Members of our association participate in the large retrospective exhibition "Werk door Amateurs". Since then, the municipality of Eindhoven has granted an annual subsidy to our association on the condition that we organize a public exhibition of the work of our members twice a year.
  • 1985 - Number of members will double within a few years to approximately 170, a number that will be maintained in subsequent years. The number of studio groups thereby increases to 12.
  • 1996 - The portrait group "Compassion" joins our association and has been active since then (without artistic guidance) in our studio on Thursday mornings.

Rules of conduct for studio use

Our own workshop offers the right working environment to work intensively. The studio has good light (completely renovated in 2017) and auxiliary materials such as drawing tables, easels, cleaning products, etc.

Naturally, this does mean that we are jointly responsible for the studio: as a member you would like to arrive in a clean and workable studio, which means that every member is expected to leave the studio clean and workable. Our house rules or rules of conduct, which follow below, explain this in more detail as well as a few other aspects.

But in short, these rules of conduct convey the following spirit:

We shape the association together!! Meaning we respect and take care for our materials and workshop.

  • Take your work home
    Please do not leave any works that you cannot store at home, we are not a storage depot. The studio manager will tidy up these works after a while.
  • Leave works in designated places
    If a work is nevertheless left in the studio, then leave it in the appropriate compartments in the warehouse or drying cabinets (for watercolors). If the works are too large for this, please place them on the appropriate shelves in the studio itself.
  • Add name and date to stored work
    If you work cannot be taken home (e.g. because it's wet), then please add you name and group on the back of your work and put them on the shelves in the studio or in the drying cabinets watercolor (in the warehouse).
  • Bring your own (tear-off) palette
    Since March 2020, you must provide your own (tear-off) palettes.
  • By order of the fire brigade
    Do not place furniture or the like in front of the fire extinguishers and meter cupboard and keep the escape routes clear!
  • Emergency exit door locked and secured and lights off?
    On departure, check whether the emergency exit door is locked and whether its locking is secured with the chain. Please also check that all lights are off.
  • Leave items in the workshop clean
    Keep drawing tables, easels, (sitting) furniture, folding tables, sink and floor free of paint and charcoal. This prevents subsequent participants from getting unexpected paint residues on their clothes and hands.
  • Waste in the right place
    Deposit your tear-off pallet in the waste bin and chemical waste in the appropriate pedal bin. Biological waste is allowed in the pedal bucket near the kitchen.
  • Leave drawing tables correctly
    After use, place the drawing tables, free of paint and charcoal residues (!), In a position of about 45 degrees, with the metal strip up.
  • Avoid unnecessary dragging
    Take care of the material of our association and do not unnecessarily drag the tables, chairs and easels on the floor, but please lift them, this will prevent a lot of repair and wear.
  • Do you want to get rid of materials?
    Contact the workshop manager if you wish to donate materials. Please do not leave materials without notifying anyone.
  • Do you want to get rid of art books?
    Art books (so no paintings !!!) that you no longer use, can be placed on the appropriate exchange table.

House rules

Attached below you will find the association's house rules. Click here to download it in PDF format.