Not all groups practice the same techniques. Drawing, watercolors, acrylic, oil or pastel works, portraits etc. are possible within our association. In some group There are groups that limit themselves to one technique, but also groups in which a variety of techniques are practiced (see diagram below).

Given the space in our studio and the desire of our artistic supervisors to be able to pay attention to each present, the maximum group size is 15 people. If, for whatever reason, you want to change groups, please contact our member administrator.

In reality these internal group changes remain limited. Painting together means, in addition to the social aspect, also stimulating each other to artistic achievements. Some groups therefore have a strong "group feeling".

Group lesson drawing

Overview painters groups

MondayMo09:3012:00Dré Saanen
MondayMo13:3016:00Marjo van Meer
MondayMo19:3022:00Dré Saanen
TuesdayTu09:3012:00Tessa van der Wey
WednesdayWe09:3012:00Marjo van Meer
WednesdayWe13:3016:00José Jansen
WednesdayWe19:3022:00Aura op den Camp
ThursdayTh09:3012:00Paul Meeuws (cöordinator)
ThursdayTh14:0016:30Marjo van Meer
FridayFr09:3012:00José Jansen
VrijdagVr13:3016:00Dré Saanen (cöordinator)



The following activities can only be resumed in some near future if new persons have signed up to become member of the committee for activities. The board tries to organize multiple workshops per year. So, that is on top of the regular lessons. Think of drawing, portrait painting, color theory, composition, perspective and abstract painting. Usually the costs of such workshop can be kept low


Our association organizes a yearly artfully oriented excursion. Such a trip is usually part of a broader range of activities. Note however that these excursions can only take place in some near future if new persons have signed up to become member of the committee for activities.


We organize an exhibition of our members' work twice a year. This is also one of the subsidy conditions of the Municipality of Eindhoven. We usually have a large and a small exhibition. The small exhibition includes the work of one group. Note: the insurance taken out by the association does not provide cover for loss of or damage to the exhibited works of art.